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We work with brands to bring their message across to our audience in the Best Desserts voice. With a growing database and focus on growth through organic search, we have the perfect platform to build a long-lasting relationship between your company and our readers.

We feature desserts from cakes to cookies, puddings to pastries, and focus on major food days and holidays we think our readers will love. Our reader engagement is unparalleled with a bounce rate in the low single digits, and readers who come back for more than one helping.

We have featured dessert recipes from brands such as Sanitarium, Mayvers, Califia, Wiltshire, Spotlight and more, and would love to see your brand featured alongside these powerhouses.

If you think we can support your new business, brand or event in a promotional campaign, then we want to hear from you! Send an email to our helpful team and we will be in touch.

Please email us for any advertising and marketing collaborations at

Baked Salted Chocolate Tart
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