Spooky sweets with 3 Mayver’s nutritious Halloween treats


Halloween has come around again and while it can be difficult to foster healthy eating habits for your children during this time of year, Mayver’s has put together its delicious yet nutritious treats to scare the ghouls away!  

28 founder and Mayver’s ambassador, Sam Wood, says that although Halloween and sugar do go hand-in-hand, we can still encourage our kids to enjoy nutritionally balanced snacks and sweets, that won’t leave parents dealing with the scary sugar rush.

“Given Halloween is a special occasion, it’s okay to let your kids enjoy a few of their favourite lollies. However, we must be wary of the effect too much sugar can have on a child’s blood sugar levels and, in turn, their mood, concentration and hyperactivity levels,” Sam says.

“If you’re looking for some ways to balance out those sugar highs, get creative with healthier foods, including nuts, fruit or vegetables, by disguising them in themed decorations. Think stuffed orange capsicums carved like Halloween pumpkins or peanut butter and apple monster teeth.”

Sam says that when you include your children in the preparation and cooking of healthier Halloween recipes, they’re often more excited about consuming what’s plated up.

“If your child is a fussy eater, get them involved with the meal preparation. Once you give them a sous chef title, they’re more likely to fall in love with the process of cooking and the colour, texture and taste of more nutritious foods becomes an easier sell.

“The kids’ favourite Halloween treats are my Choc Chip PB Muffin Ghosts, they’re perfect for themed parties and are super fun to make with the kids too!

“Because the recipe includes a 100% natural protein source from Mayver’s Peanut Butter, the kids only ever feel like eating one and they get a slower release of energy, instead of the intense sugar rush that normally results from Halloween treats.”

For other low sugar and nutrient rich treats with ample fright factor, try Susie Burrell’s Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes or her Ghost Cookies.

If you have a few empty Mayver’s jars lying around the house, you can use them to create DIY Halloween decorations with the kids! Our favourites include the Painted Glowing Jars, Creepy Specimen Jars and Jar Mummies.

Mayver’s Halloween recipes:

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About Mayver’s

Mayver’s is an Australian family owned natural spread company. All Mayver’s natural spreads are vegan and contain absolutely no added oil, sugar, gluten, dairy, cholesterol or hardened fats and are nothing but goodness for your family.

Mayver’s products are available at Woolworths, Coles and independent retailers Australia-wide. For more information or recipe inspiration visit mayvers.com.au

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