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Basbousa (semolina and coconut cake)

 1 cup Coarse semolina
 ½ cup Desiccated coconut
 ½ cup Raw sugar
 ¼ tsp Salt
 ½ tsp baking powder
 ¾ cup butter or canola oil
  cup Greek yoghurt
 ½ tsp Vanilla extract
 1 tsp Rose water
 1 tsp Orange blossom water
 Tahini to grease the base of the baking tray
 Sugar syrup or condensed milk to glaze
 Blanched almonds, crushed pistachio and pecans to garnish

In a bowl add all the dry ingredients and mix.


Add in the yoghurt, vanilla and rose & orange blossom water and stir to combine.


Pour in melted butter and stir, cover and let to rest for 20 mins.


Pre-heat oven 160°C


Prepare a baking tray by coating bottom and sides with tahini.


Pour in the batter. Wet hands with water and distribute evenly.


Using a sharp knife, cut into desired shape. Place a blanched almond in the centre of each slice (or as you like to design it).


Bake for 18-20min until slightly risen and golden.


When done and while hot, garnish with crushed pistachio and pecans, then pour room temperature simple sugar syrup or condensed milk over the cake to absorb fully. (Note: If using condensed milk, cover cake for 10 mins after drizzle)


Allow to cool completely before serving.