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Easter Salmon and Asparagus by OMGhee

 250g salmon (skin on)
 Small bunch of asparagus
 1 tablespoon of OMGhee
 Micro herbs
 Squeeze of lemon juice
 Salt & pepper

Prepare your asparagus by removing the tough part of the stalk (usually the bottom centimetre or so).


Bring your frying pan to high heat and add the OMGhee. Ghee has a super high smoking point so you don’t need to worry too much about how high the heat goes. (Don’t burn the house down though!)


Add the salmon to the pan skin side down to get it nice and crispy.


After 1 - 2 min turn the heat down to medium. If the skin is crisp, turn the salmon and continue to cook until the fish is flakey and falls apart. Remove the salmon and allow it to sit.


Turn the temperature up to high, add the asparagus and toss in the salmon juice and ghee until heated through (about a minute).


Serve the salmon with the asparagus and your favourite side, throw some micro herbs on top, squeeze some lemon, add salt and pepper and you’re good to go. Enjoy!