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Lemon Syllabub

Prep Time10 minsTotal Time10 mins

 284 ml double/whipping cream
 50 g caster sugar
 50 ml white wine
 ½ lemon zest
 1 piece lemon (juice extract)
 100 ml natural yoghurt
For toppings (optional)
 200 g diced tropical fruit and passion fruit seeds
 Almond thins or berries
 Electric hand whisk
 Measuring cups and spoons
 Containers (Glasses and Bowls)
Cooking Directions

In a bowl, mix half or most of the prepared lemon zest, lemon juice, and white wine and pour into 4 separate glasses.


In a separate mixing bowl, use an electric hand whisk to combine the yoghurt, cream and caster sugar together until soft peaks form.


Spoon the mixture into glasses and top with the remaining grate of lemon zest.


Sprinkle and serve with your choice of toppings – almond thins, berries, fresh tropical fruits or passion fruit seeds.


Enjoy and eat immediately, or store in the fridge for a few hours to keep it chilled to serve for later.