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Peek A Boo Cupcakes

 1 Packet of your favourite muffin mix
 Lemon Yellow icing
 Leaf Green icing
 Candy Eyeballs
 Black Icing Colour
 Red Sparkle Gel
 Orange Gel Food Colouring
 White Decorator Icing

Bake cupcakes in orange and green baking cups. Cool well before decorating.


Tint icing. Combine Leaf Green and Lemon Yellow for green shown. Divide icing and tint icing: 1/2 cup black, 2 cups green, 2 cups orange, reserve 1 cup white.


Decorate cupcakes.

Mummy: Use spatula and black icing to cover top 1/4 of cupcake. Use white icing and tip 47 to pipe stripes for mummy wrapping. Add red gel to pipe drops of blood. Position candy eyeballs.

Pumpkin: Use orange icing and tip 1M to pipe swirls on top of cupcake. Use green icing and tip 352 to pipe leaf stem on top. Position candy eyeballs.

Monster: Use green icing and tip 2A to pipe swirls on top of cupcake. Position candy eyeballs.